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      My self and my best bud had an idea a while back to start a brand. The idea was initially to share our outlook with the world as we traversed through this life's hardships, pleasures and joys. After a while our family latched on to the idea as well, and all of our added ideas began to amount to our experiences with other humans as we attempt to be good ones ourselves. With every interaction whether it be stateside or international we learn more about people as well as ourselves. 

      Those interactions where we are able to teach others what we have learned as well as learn what they have experienced are, in our view, the best. 

      As a brand we are a collective of our very diverse walks of life that always seek to excel in spreading cheer and sharing walks of life to enhance our own perspectives. Life is hard for all of us however the answer to most of our hardships can usually be found in casual conversation, congregation and fellowship. Be the Change as my sister always says. I am a proud father to Pig and Chicken and thankful of the other fathers, sisters, mothers, cousins, nieces nephews, friends etc that owned it. May our products match our shared needs and interests and God Bless all with profit of a healthy well lived life.

      Justin Pugh