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    Pig and Chicken adheres to all State and Federal laws regarding the sale of products in states where restrictions apply. 

    We do not sell:

    • Automatic knives, also known as switchblade knives
    • Balisong knives, also known as butterfly knives
    • Concealed swords, including:
      • Cane-swords
      • Shobi-zue (a staff, crutch, stick, rod, or pole concealing a knife or blade within it)
      • Swordsticks
    • Gravity or gravity-assisted knives
    • Knives disguised to look like harmless items, such as:
      • Air gauge knives
      • Belt buckle knives
      • Comb knives or hairbrush knives
      • Lipstick case knives
      • Writing pen knives
    • Knuckle knives, including:
      • Fixed or folding blade knives with split knuckle duster handles
    • Pilum ballistic knives
    • Push daggers, including:
      • Punch daggers
      • Punch knives
      • Push dirks
      • T-handled knives
    • "Slasher" knives or other devices used in cockfighting
    • Spring-loaded knives
    • Stiletto knives
    • Throwing stars, including:
      • Batman symbols
      • Cyclone knives
      • Kung Fu stars
      • Metal throwing stars
      • Ninja stars
      • Shirken
      • Throwing cards