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      We are pledging our support through the delivery of goods, cash contributions and physical labor to causes which benefit military members, veterans, and our local communities.

      Our goal is to maintain an average of 10% donations to charitable causes while 5% will be the minimum.  Donations will be calculated from net proceeds and will contribute to covering the costs associated with event organization, hired skilled labor, goods and materials provided and cash donations. Operations include everything from the construction project logistics to the actual job execution.

      Job scopes include; Eco/Salvage construction;  Off Grid/ Austere Power generation;  Water Harvesting, filtration and purification; Post disaster recovery. One of our families has a history working with the Human Path, you can see more about the Voss family on social media.

      Intended Charitable Events: We primarily focus on providing help to impoverished families and communities. Since we are a bunch of hard working individuals who love swinging hammers and sweating under the sun it only makes sense for us to pursue this type of arrangement. If you, our customers and friends, purchase items from us that you would be purchasing otherwise, then you allow us to help others without changing much of your budget.

      If you know of a worthy cause we would love to hear about it and look forward to building working relationships for many years to come.

      Please contact manager@vossbrothers.net if you know of an organization or individual that needs aid.