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    The first ever charitable event to be organized by Pig and Chicken.

    We met Gino about a year ago as part of a group effort organized by the Human Path. We scouted the land and facilities with Gino and he showed us the methods and practices that he is facilitating with their efforts.

    Window Rock AZ.

      We helped with construction on the kitchen and grounds on the scout trip and the Human path made a follow up trip to install a water filtration system and hold classes for herbal medicine. The facilities still need more work and there are new projects that have yet to be started. 

    Kitchen work

      Our goal is to raise $10,000.00 for this organization. $5,000 of which will support the current projects including work crews and $5,000 for materials for the new projects.

    Pig and Chicken is going to donate 5% net proceeds to this cause and once the Voss family is back on our feet we will make a trip.


    About the cause | Black Sheep Medicine Horse, LLC.

      My name is Gino Antonio and I am the originator of Black Sheep Medicine Horse, LLC.  We hear stories about veterans coming home and see that many of them do not have a tomorrow. This is happening back at home, and we want to make a difference.


       My wife and I registered the business in late 2017. We are located on the Navajo Reservation near Window Rock, AZ.  I will be operating a small farm/ranch on my mother’s homestead with my family. My idea is to work with our Traditional medicine people using our traditional means to help horses and humans within the elements of nature. To help get our mission started and to keep it continuing, we will be working with other entities such as outdoor enthusiasts and companies, adventure companies, horse farms and rescues, trainers, and veterans’ organizations who would like get involved.


    Veteran work is slow right now because the focus is on improving the facilities. Our goal to be a healing entity for veterans coming home, Native and Non-Native, requires accommodations for our visitors that we do not have.

    Some of our activities with the veterans and their family include traditional talking circles, working in nature, surrogate family when we have traditional ceremonies if their family cannot make it, sweat lodges for the groups and more intense ones for individuals when and if it comes to this. We have already helped out veterans from the Viet Nam era, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Peacetime veterans.

    This year I start at the end of the month with a ten-day healing workshop centralized on working with horses to help heal humans. Our youth camps scheduled for June will dedicate portions of their days to helping with construction projects as part of the curriculum. We also have one group scheduled for early September where I will share my knowledge of connecting with nature and horses, and they will lend their hands to the construction projects underway.

    In July, the medicine man and I will be going to France to hold a series of workshops there with the organization, . This same organization will also host another group coming in early October for 7-8 days., There are more horse-related workshops to be facilitated at the farm late summer and into fall.

    Projects that need to be completed:

    • Cooking facilities: Finish insulating, installing sheetrock walls, taping, floating, painting.
    • Install cabinets and shelves.
    • Complete installation of the rocket stove / mud oven that can be utilized for central heat and cooking.
    • Finishing the exterior walls and add a roll up door to the greenhouse adjoining the cookshack.
    • Assemble a pole barn to keep the hay dry and design/build to be fully enclosed as funds are appropriated.
    • Insulate a home on the property to make it easier to heat and cool and add an additional room to the structure for sleeping quarters.


    • Tools, machinery, manpower, and tune ups of the machines we already have. This includes a tractor, 2 dump trailers, and a wood chipper.
    • Really could use welder/generator
    • In dire need of the following: Lumber, greenhouse exterior walls, plans, experienced facilitators, sand, gravel, and the machinery 

    Long term objectives:

    • Start a second water catchment and filtration system.
    • Build 4 structures to house people and veterans during their stay for the rehabilitation and healing program. Facilities will also be used for our sister non-profit organization, Pollen Circles, youth camps and workshops.
    • Round pens set up with future addition of making them covered round pens, to be utilized year-round.
    • Fencing 2 small pastures close to home and a 200+ acres pasture within a 5 minute walk.


    For more information on being involved withe the proposed work party, the fund raising or more details in general please get in touch with us.