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    "The Old Salt Says

    Survivors of shipwrecks who had been lucky enough to find some wreckage to cling to were amazed to see the ship's livestock still swimming around after most of their shipmates had drowned. To Allay this fear, Sailors would tattoo a pig and a rooster on the tops of their feet hoping it would help them swim.

    During World War II, CWO Cecil S. King had four ships sunk out from under him: heavy cruiser USS Houston, destroyer USS Perry, aircraft carrier USS Langley, and oiler USS Pecos. King could attest to this superstition as keeping him alive and dry until he was rescued each time, he had both tattoos!

    Quoted from an article by QMCS (SW/AW) John M. Trail

    Divers today still carry on that tradition.  We learned of this one afternoon on a back porch in Texas when two young divers in the U.S. Navy, Deepsea JP and his best bud Mongo, explained the story behind the fresh tattoos on their feet.  As JP would have you believe, the tattoos themselves make you buoyant and Mongo proudly claims they are a statement of the brotherhood that keeps divers alive. 

    The Pig and Chicken brand is focused on spotlighting the brotherhood of the deep-sea community. Their family bonds and relationships they have with their beloved pets, traditions and plain ole fun. 

    The artwork we display is often inspired by, or replicas of, actual tattoos provided to us for recreation.


    Deep Sea! Hoo Ya